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ARES A1Sx30 heat exchanger

heat exchanger for swimming pool
Typical use:Suitable as a heat exchanger for swimming pools. Also for applications where a gasketed heat exchanger is required. The exchanger has 30 plates.
Recommended max. flow 1):6 m3/h
Model version:stainless steel (plates AISI 316L 0.5 mm); gaskets EPDM or NBR
Dimensions (H × W × D): 473 × 190 × 300 mm
Connections: 4x ext. thread DN32
Working limit: 10 bar
Testing pressure: 14 bar
Weight: 33 kg
Product sheet: A1S_P10_L=300mm-500mm.pdf 
Price without VAT: £561.26 (623.00 €)
Price with VAT: £673.51
Availability: in 3 days
Delivery costs: £63 (50 € within EU)
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